Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week #1 With Pinterest

I must confess. I have become absolutely fascinated with Pinterest! Maybe even obsessed. Or quite possibly addicted.

Have you been to the Pinterest site yet?

I have never seen so many wonderful, beautiful, useful, colorful, time-saving, clever, creative, cute, funny, thought-provoking, fill in the blank ........ things in one place!

It's a great way to find new blogs and websites that have the kind of things you're looking for -- not just cooking! -- but clothes, decorating, crafting, inspiration, books, music, movies, places to go, people to see and things to do, just to name a few.

Below is just a sampling of some of my favorite pins to my boards from the past week.

You can see all of my boards, including recipes (search:Cora Sedlacek) with pictures of the inspiring ideas I've collected so far, complete with links to websites full of many, many more.

And, of course, new pictures are being pinned while we're just sitting here talking about it!

Uhhhh .... gotta go now!

You can go to Pinterest right now - just click on the red "P" over on the far right column. Be sure to leave a comment, if you find something good I might like too!

Makes me happy just to look at this idea from Such Petty Things! These are my favorite canister jars and several of them sit out on my counter already, but I'm going to fill another one with the jumble of cupcake papers that keep falling out of my cabinet!

A baguette provides endless possibilities for tasty sandwiches, but stuffing it with a mixture of creamy cheeses, crunchy vegetables, savory meats and salty olives sounds just about perfect! In fact, I thought of about six combinations to try as soon as I saw this from Baking Obsession.
I thought I had a pretty good system for preparing salads ahead of time, but this one from Salad In A Jar is even better!
The Wilton website gives this recipe to use with their ice cream cookie bowl pan. I think it would probably work with muffin pans or mini bundt cake pans too, but those little fluted cookie cups are cute enough to make me want that pan!

I found this cute idea and followed the link back to Crystal & Co. If you go to her website, she has a link for the pdf to print these labels for teacher gifts -- or make your own labels for cookouts, campfires or sleepovers.

My friend, Biggie, at Lunch In A Box, shared this neat and nifty idea for freezer hamburger patties so you can just break off the number you need.

Another colorful and clever way to store cupcake papers from Torrie Jayne -- I just couldn't help adding one more to my favorites from the week. Guess I've got cupcakes on the brain!

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I love all of these tips...the cupcake one is a treasure!!!