Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh, Wilber! ... Eastern NC Barbecue Is The Best!

This is my favorite magazine -- Garden & Gun. It is about the heritage and tradition of all things Southern and the lifestyle of the New South.

And right on the cover of the most recent June/July 2011 edition is the best barbecue sandwich you will ever taste ... and devour ... and want again ... and again ... and again.

I know this for a fact, because I read it in Garden & Gun.

Oh, yeah! And I've eaten a few Wilber's Barbecue sandwiches myself. OK! I've eaten so many I lost count! But for almost 20 years, I drove past Wilber's every single day on my way to and from town, and if it was time for lunch or dinner, it was always difficult to pass up the best eastern North Carolina barbecue sandwich anywhere.

In case you are not a devoted Garden & Gun reader, then check out the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog. On page 42 is their feature on barbecue, complete with a tribute to Wilber's and a picture of the man himself!

Williams-Sonoma catalog and Wilber

Oh, Wilber!
My Favorite Husband was hoping Williams-Sonoma was going to sell Wilber's Barbecue by mail order, but no such luck! We will have to rely on Bill and Dannie to bring our supply westward when they visit. 

So there you have it! If you already know about eastern North Carolina barbecue, then chances are good you have been to Wilber's, and if not, then what's that about?

If you have never tasted the perfection that is Wilber's slow-fired, pit-cooked, oak-smoked, whole-pig, vinegar-red-pepper-sauced, hand-chopped, served on a soft white-bread bun and topped with a plop of tart-tangy coleslaw barbecue sandwich, then ... well ... Bless your heart! What are you waiting for?
Garden & Gun got it right when it put Wilber's barbecue sandwich on the cover of their magazine. Williams-Sonoma even put Mr. Wilber in their catalog. And I've personally eaten more Wilber's barbecue than I can calculate. Three good reasons to hit the road to Wilber's right now!

Just remember -- Sauce is sauce. Barbecue is the slow-cooked, smoked meat. And that's why eastern North Carolina in general, and Wilber's in particular, is the best!

I enjoy all kinds of barbecue, but I love only one -- eastern North Carolina barbecue. And the best can be found on Hwy. 70 East, in Goldsboro, NC.

If you see Mr. Wilber, be sure to tell him I sent you. It might not mean much to him, but it will to me.

And if you see a guy named Eddie dishing up take-out sandwiches up near the register, tell him Cora says "Hey!


Diva Maman said...

You made me smile and remember that stretch of road vividly. thanks for the smile.

Cora said...

Awww, I'm glad I made you smile.

nckitkat said...

hmm, seems like that would be just another good reason to visit Goldsboro again!

Maris(In Good Taste) said...

I will definitely remember this if I visit Goldsboro!

Diana said...

So glad you caught the cover of Garden & Gun - my favorite magazine too. And so glad you have continued to get it.You are so right about Hwy 70 East in NC. Don't forget about Ken's BBQ right down the road from Wilbur's. We go back and forth about which is best.
We got Wilbur's and served with some of our homemade Brunswick stew when some friends from Florida were here. ( Wilbur's makes great BBQ, but the stew can't compete with ours.) What a combo ! And of course they had to have recipe too. So far its being made now as far south as Florida, as far north as New England (isn't that where Jerry & Sally live), and as far east as Illinois. Should have patented the recipe! Miss you.