Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Fruit Plate With Appeal

What makes this fruit plate so fresh and inviting?
  • The fruit is fresh and ripe. Know what is in season. Some grocery store fruit may need a day or two before flavors are at their peak -- purchase early and allow time to ripen before serving.
  • Any blemishes are removed when peeling and cutting fruit.
  • The fruit is cut into bite size pieces.
  • The fruits have complimentary colors and flavors.
  • A nice arrangement -- consider a bowl, plate, mixed up or grouped in clusters?
  • Color is vibrant. If not serving immediately, eep air from discoloring cut fruits by dipping pieces in a mixture of water and lemon juice and keeping tightly sealed until serving.
  • Those mini bananas are simply irresistible!
My friend Janet brought this fruit plate to our potluck dinner the other night. It looked so jolly, I just had to snap a picture before we dug into it! My friends are used to that by now.

We couldn't stop talking about those a-peeling little bananas!

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Maris (In Good Taste) said...

It looks absolutely beautiful Your presentation is artistic!