Thursday, November 18, 2010

Everything Tastes Better When ...

Remember the stroke of genius that led me to create Scrambled Eggs à la Quiche Lorraine?

Of course, you do! You've been kicking yourself since then, wondering why you didn't think of it.

OK, all of you egg-haters might not be kicking yourself about such a wonderfully simple and delicious egg dish, but I'm not here to convert you. Feel free to go on about your business.

Now, for the rest of you ... remember the old Ritz cracker commercial ... well, actually two Ritz cracker commercials?

Question:  What are you hungry for, when you don't know what you're hungry for?
Answer:  Something on a Ritz cracker!

Everything tastes better when it sits on a Ritz!

Half the time I can't remember from one minute to the next why on earth I walked into another room, but I can remember old television commercials and jingles. It's a gift!

So right after I finished the last bite of my quiche Lorraine scrambled eggs, it hit me.

A second flash of inspiration! Why not put that delicious culinary creation on a Ritz cracker?

Fast, delicious and ... convenient! And that Ritz cracker is like a little bit of a crust beneath my quiche-like scrambled eggs.

Why not indeed! Another million dollar idea I am sharing with you -- for free!

So that's what I did. Scrambled more eggs with leeks, cream, wine, nutmeg, salt & pepper and Swiss cheese and put them on a Ritz cracker. (BTW - generous amounts of leeks, nutmeg and Swiss cheese really boost the flavor.)

What tasty little morsels they were! Almost quiche Lorraine ... avec une croûte de Ritz! Brilliant!

Puttin' on the Ritz

Mmmm ... Good cracker! (Do you remember who said that? I know, I know!)

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