Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween, Big Orange Pumpkins and a Little Blue Crayon

to my
Little Blue Crayon

Big black cats were standing guard and a witch was stirring her big cauldron full of a mysterious bubbly brew, but I was one cool dude.

Do you think it's a good one, or does this pumpkin look a little crooked to you?

Big bright orange pumpkins as far as I can see. Gotta watch out for pumpkin blindness! Who's the cool dude behind those Foster Grants?

I'm just not sure Dad . . . I know it weighs more than me . . . but do you think that one is big enough?

OK, they say if I wear a crayon suit all day, I'll get some candy. There better be a lot of candy!

OK, you guys . . . just one more photo . . . and then . . . I'm out the door for . . .
CANDY . . . CANDY . . . CANDY!
Did someone say SKITTLES!

Happy Halloween ~ 1986


gfe--gluten free easily said...

Such fun, colorful photos and the little blue crayon is so very cute! He seemed happier at the end ... someone must have mentioned the candy factor. ;-)


Unknown said...

Look at little Grant. How adorable. Can you believe he is a grown man with a lovely wife?!

Kristen said...

How sweet is that? I love the costume! What a neat post, Cora. I love looking back and seeing this snippet of your life :)

Cora said...

Thanks to all of you for indulging my little walk down memory lane. I guess mommy bloggers come in all ages!