Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Knock - Knock

Who's there?

There's a pie at the door?

Apparently pizzas are not the only pies that can be delivered. Today I opened my front door to find DR holding a pie, direct from Michigan and full of tart, sweet Michigan cherries.

It's a beautiful pie, with a lovely little heart right on top. Grand Traverse Pie Company makes all kind of pies, but this is their original cherry pie.

The very first pie I remember tasting was cherry and it was love at first bite. I waited to eat this first bite until I could show you how delicious it looks.

OK, I really picked out a couple of those juicy cherries on the other side of this piece of pie and turned it away from the camera. But all the other pieces are still bursting with cherries.

Trust me though, this pie is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s and has plenty of cherries. Wish I could share.

If you are not quite ready to try your hand at the pie crust recipe from my previous post, or baking your own pies, you can order some really tasty ones for yourself from Grand Traverse Pie Company right here.

We can wait until tomorrow to begin baking our own pies. It's not every day a pie shows up right at my front door, and I want to savor this one for now. Does anyone have a cup of coffee handy?

(Note: DR paid for this delicious cherry pie with her very own money and neither of us received any payment or consideration from Grand Traverse Pie Company. We just like their pies!)


-Shannon- said...

Speaking of fresh cherries, I made homemade milk chocolate covered dark sweet cherries for my hubby a few days ago. Just like the ones from the store at Christmas time. He loves them! He says he can no longer eat the store bought!

nckitkat said...

! looks ALMOST as good as my mom's!

Kristen said...

Pie delivery?? Seriously? I think I have died and gone to heaven! YUM!

Lisa aka dr's sister said...

The cherry cobbler pie with the crumb topping is my favorite. Living in the cherry capital has its advantages. I can walk to the Grand Traverse Pie Co. from my office!!

Cora said...

Lisa, ooooooo, I think I want that cherry cobbler pie with the crumb topping next time! Happy to know you all had a fun weekend for your mom's birthday. The cake looked great!