Friday, May 15, 2009

"Inland Hurricane" Sweeps Through Southern Illinois

Sometimes strange things happen. This is what happened at our house last Friday . . . right here in Southern Illinois!

Even the weather guys called it an "inland hurricane". Having been through at least five coastal hurricanes, I have to agree!

We had hail, rain, wind (106 mph!), flooding, trees down, power lines down, houses crushed, property blown away, lost power, injuries, and one death in our area.

While I was hiding in the closet with the vacuum cleaner, the pictures tell the story of what was going on outside.

Check out this site for some technical information about how the Midwest ended up in "hurricane alley".

Rearrangement of deck furniture and a carpet of leaves and twigs.

More green leaves and branches carpet the driveway.

Last May we had a wedding under this tree!

One tree that will no longer shade the upstairs deck . . . or fall on the roof.

For all the trees we lost, there are still plenty to enjoy from this otherwise peaceful setting overlooking the lake

Power has been restored at our house. Clean-up continues and will last us through the summer.


Kalyn Denny said...

That definitely looks scary. Your new site looks great!

BMK said...

That looks like some crazy weather! I would have been in the closet too! Glad you didn't sustain any major damage.

Peaches said...

Glad everyone's umkay at your house! Same here but there are tens of thousands of dollars of damage suffered by our neighbors in every direction!! My chain saw is purring all over the place.