Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It is freeeeezing outside! The TV is full of gloom and doom, and ranting about gloom and doom. I'm headed into Prairie Wood Kitchen to calm my nerves and warm my bones. Comfort food is the order of the day for this Menu Wednesday. If you could use spirit-lifting, soul-redeeming goodness for dinner, then Prairie Wood Kitchen is the place for you too. Just click here to see Menu #15.

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Becky said...

Don't you get so tired of all the gloom and doom on TV? I think if the news would focus on what's positive, rather than so much negative, it would do a lot to restore consumer confidence. Comfort food is indeed the ticket right now. Though I am stuck with hospital food for the next few days. Keep your fingers crossed that they don't bring me their icky yellow pellets that describe as scrambled eggs. Blech!