Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bear Naked Valentine's Day Breakfast

No breakfast in bed on this Valentine's Day! We were up and out early this morning. Well, early for us - 9:30. MFH was off to visit Renee, his favorite hairdresser -- gotta look good for date night. I was off to workout with my workout buddy and friend, DR. I can imagine anyone who knows me is on the floor right about now, having fallen off her/his chair.

I returned to an empty house, so I made my own breakfast -- my new favorite breakfast of champions. The Bear Naked Fit Granola I found at the Neighborhood Coop the other day has become my post-workout addiction. Unlike most granolas, it does not have all that annoying gummy dried fruit, nor does it have hard sugar-coated globs of stuff. No, it is nice and light, with very lightly sweetened, vanilla-flavored, crunchy oatmeal flakes and whole almonds. Layered with plain Greek yogurt, sliced fresh fruit and drizzled with some excellent local honey, it is the perfect breakfast for this getting-fit food blogger.

A valentine to myself and a reward for working so hard on all those cruel machines. And so far, reward enough to keep me going back for more -- workouts, not breakfast.

I think I'm in love with Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch Granola!


Candy said...

Thanks for the Bear Naked recommendation. I love to mix a plain granola with yogurt for a little crunch and this sounds perfect!

Maris said...

I love granola with greek yogurt! Such a delicious combination.