Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today's menu actually goes hand-in-hand with the post below about lowering your grocery bill. Coincidence? I think not!

Actually, the menu for this week is a delicious bean soup and some easy artisan bread. Now, before you decide you don't like bean soup and you don't bake homemade bread, wait a minute.

This is about expanding your horizons, trying new things, serving something delicious, and even waging war on the post-holiday budget. Now tell me you don't have an interest in at least one of those things!

Yeah, I thought so.

So click on over to Prairie Wood Kitchen and see what's cooking. If you've got a better bean soup recipe or a crustier, easier homemade artisan bread, I want to know about it. No, make that -- I need -- to know about it!


Unknown said...


I didn't know you could put your Le Creuset dutch oven IN the oven! Will wonders never cease...


Cora said...

Robin, you crack me up! Make this bread - it is so good.