Thursday, December 4, 2008


Last week there was no post for Menu of the Week, since my lightning quick mind jumped to the conclusion that almost everyone was preoccupied with Thanksgiving Dinner for the next day.

This week it's late, but there is a new Menu of the Week set of recipes for you to try, along with a shopping list including everything you need to make the entire meal.

I had a leftover ham bone from Thanksgiving, and that always means Sally's Black Bean Soup is on the menu at our house. I love, love, love this soup and how it makes enough for an army. I always freeze it for fast, easy, hearty meals throughout the long winter months. The recipe is included, just as I received it from my dear friend Sally, but I've been known to crank up the cumin and the sherry when I make it. I've also added some suggested garnishes. I like it plain, but many black bean soups are served with some extras - a plus for appearance and additional nutrients. Also, black bean soup is often served with rice, but I prefer corn bread with mine -- feel free to choose one, or both!

A one dish meal of hearty dishes like bean soup and cornbread seems to need something with fruit for dessert, so I've included a simple recipe for a dump cake variation. Fresh apples are easy enough to find during the winter, but canned apples make this a recipe you can pull out of the pantry at a moment's notice. Once again, I've left the decision up to you about the possibility of topping for the apple cake!

The recipes and shopping list are always included for Menu of the Week, just be sure to adjust the list for any garnishes or toppings you choose, since I've added them all to the shopping list with notes that they are optional choices. Also, be sure to check you pantry for items you may have on hand already - like a big meaty ham bone!

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