Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hello there! I've already got the menu ready for this week. Please don't worry about how tired I'll be at work tomorrow.

This week's menu is especially for my favorite painter who is down in Costa Rica enjoying warm weather and fresh fish. I'm sure he's looking for some new recipes - either that or there is someone else reading my blog in Costa Rica!

If you've never tried fish tacos, you are in for a treat! During the summer, I like to cook the fish and warm the tortillas on the grill, but they also cook up very nicely when sauteed or baked inside. In Mexico, this is street or beach food and doesn't really need any side dishes, but for eating at home, I've added some delicious and nutritious pinto beans and a little dessert to complete the menu.

Do you think Eldon will make these for his friends in Costa Rica?

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