Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Has another week gone by already? But wait. This Wednesday is something special, isn't it? Oh yeah! No more political ads! We can get back to our regular programming . . . er . . . lives. That's a good thing!

Today's menu celebrates the end of the election season by paying tribute to the city of Chicago, Illinois. As I watched the election returns last night, I really wanted a good old Chicago pizza, but there I was, sitting in my kitchen, 300 miles away. My brother and sister-in-law live on Michigan Avenue, right across the street from Chicago's Grant Park, the scene of last night's victory party. I bet it would have been a difficult night to get a pizza delivered anywhere near Grant Park.

It is possible to make pizza at home, though. And it's not really difficult. In fact, it can be fun, if you get everyone involved in making his/her own mini pizzas with personalized toppings. Making the dough a day ahead means pizza night is FAST and EASY and FUN. The dough and sauce recipes I use were adapted from Martha Stewart. I've tried others through the years, but I always come back to Martha . . . and that's a good thing too.

For dessert? Chocolate! My favorite brownies, from my mother-in-law's recipe. She was from Chicago. They have frosting on them . . . chocolate frosting . . . another very good thing. Especially with a little vanilla ice cream.

So here's to Chicago, where good things are possible -- great pizza, frosted chocolate brownies and becoming President of the United States.


Maris said...

Pizza, brownies and vanilla ice cream? Those are the major food groups, right? :)

Cora said...

Maris, they are truly the only food groups that matter! I cannot imagine life without pizza or brownies or good old vanilla ice cream.

webbie said...

Brownies are my version of of the gods!

I've given you an award as a new Contessa's Kitchen buddy. Check it out at my sight

Cora said...

Webbie, thanks so much for the big vote of confidence! It's so nice to know people are reading.