Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Be sure to check out today's link for Menu of the Week in the column to the left. This week's menu is perfect for the times we are living in right now -- fast, easy, inexpensive, good for singles or families, extras freeze well for additional meals. Work, family, school, sports, clubs, civic organizaitons, volunteer work, campaigning, or economizing -- whatever you are busy doing, this menu is for you!

You may notice that the Menu of the Week link has moved down a little on the page. Yesterday was the first day of my new ad block from BlogHer. I am pleased to be associated with the Blogher Ad Network and welcome the opportunity to share the carefully selected ads with my readers. The BlogHer website offers a collection of great resources for women, with articles of interest written by talented editors, and links to all manner of blog sites with women in mind. Check out the link to BlogHer and at the top of the home page you'll find a tab with a list of topics, and another with a directory of excellent blogs listed by topic. BlogHer is the group that sponsored the conference I recently attended in Boston - so you know that I think they're great, and I know you will too!

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