Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Chicken and Her Peeps

I'm feeling a little bit like a chicken, post-chopping block. Seems I'm chasing a thousand ideas around with all the efficiency and clarity of a headless body. Perhaps with a mind-clearing post here, I'll be able to reconnect and get organized. And then I can close about 97 tabs on my computer and speed things up a little. Forward progress is a good thing!

Twitter - I know I'm the last person on earth to have found Twitter and all the interesting people who like the things I like and do the things I do. Writing at home can be isolating sometimes, although I do love it. Twitter makes it easy to stay in touch while I work alone! I've found my people - someone please tell Anna and Jane! Excessive exclamations are indeed warranted here.

Food Photos - I'm hoping to become a better food photographer for my blog by paying more attention to others. Nika at Nika's Culinaria has lots of good info. Since talking with other food bloggers in Boston, I now want a Canon Rebel - it may be a while before I save enough money for that though. Still, I've got my Portable Photo Studio (thanks Kalyn!) and my trusty Canon A720 and I'm becoming more confident. For the second month in a row, Heartland Women has used my food photos with my monthly column - see page 7 for Oct. 6 edition.

OK, now I'm keeping my head down, like the little guy in the picture, and moving on with my day. Thanks to my new peeps!

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