Sunday, March 16, 2008

So Good To See You Here!

Come on in! Pour yourself something to drink, plop down on the couch and spend a little time in my kitchen. This is the place to come when you want to spend a few minutes reading recipes, meeting friends, and looking for cooking inspiration.

Did you notice? Weeks of cold, snowy weather have found me snuggled up with my computer, learning how to change the look of my blog! I have even added a few items of interest to the sidebar, including a big list of some of my favorite cookbooks with a link to Amazon, just in case you find one you desperately need for your own library.

The new picture in the header is a look at my cookbook library, the one I see to my right as I work at my computer. To my left is the kitchen itself -- you can see a bit of the pot rack and stove in the background of my little picture. Everything I need in one big room! Have I mentioned this is my favorite room in the house?

If you like the new look of my blog kitchen, please stop back often. I will be doing more regular posting, now that I feel as at home in my blog space as I do right here in my own kitchen, and there will always be something to eat. Let me know about anything else you'd like to see added though. I am sure I have got a little room left for a few more cookbooks, and I am always looking for new recipes or food finds.

You are always welcome here -- in the kitchen where cora cooks!


Anonymous said...

Your house is so awesome.
Love, Kristiana

(The kids were very excited to see your new blogspace)

Janet S said...

Your house is so awesome!
Love, Kristiana

(The kids were excited to see your house on the web. It was 'cool'.)

Happy said...

As the "carrier" of all those books, I'm glad you're finally putting them to use!!! LOL Great job on the site!! Maybe one day I'll write a recipe down for a change. Stephen