Friday, September 7, 2007

Starting over!

A couple of personal notes before I get on with my usual musings on food and recipes:

To the person who broke into my home on August 2nd and took, among other things, my dear, sweet, 8-year old, wood-burning, black, Apple G-3, laptop computer, along with the back-up hard drive containing my duplicate files: I can’t imagine what you will do with the hundreds of recipes I have carefully collected over my lifetime, dutifully documented, painstakingly preserved in my computer files, and conscientiously backed-up to avoid ever losing one of them.

The hardship is not replacing the computer – I probably needed a new one anyway. Rather, it is being without the fifty years worth of recipes and memories collected from family and friends, and the countless hours of work putting them on my computer. They are completely useless to you, or anyone else, and virtually impossible for me to reconstruct. What you have taken from me is worth much more than that old computer or anything you could have gotten for it.

So . . . until a new computer is up and running to manage my website, Season to Taste, I'll be posting website articles here, inlcuding my monthly food column for Heartland Women.

Neither a lifetime of collected recipes, nor the reconstruction of a website can be accomplished quickly, but we're looking forward to the opportunity to try new things!

Thanks for reading!

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